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Selling your business

You only sell your business once. There is, therefore, only one chance to get it right. It can also be a stressful process and you still have a business to run.

Our primary objective is to obtain the best combination of price and payment terms within the timescale agreed for our client, when we start working with you.

We lead the transaction throughout the process, allowing you to focus on the running and everyday management of your business.

Our seasoned Corporate Finance team excels in achieving successful outcomes, bringing clarity and dedicated attention to the sale of every business.

Each of our clients is unique. We will work with you to develop a shortlist of potential buyers, using your knowledge of your sector, as well as our own research capability and contacts. Our approach is “hands-on” and we aim wherever possible to foster a competitive bidding situation between interested buyers with a sound strategic reason for wanting to purchase your business.

We identify serious potential purchasers who have the financial capabilities to do a deal and carry out negotiations to bring the transaction to fruition. In addition, our experience enables us to investigate the option of a management buyout, which is sometimes preferable to a trade sale.

We value the business expertly and market it discreetly through a Sales Prospectus that highlights the strengths and potential opportunities. We will approach potential buyers on our client’s behalf, lead negotiations and actively manage the sale process through to legal completion.

We aim to deliver the best possible deal, whilst maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the sale process.

The sale of any business is a naturally adversarial process, and yet there must be two winners if a deal is to be concluded. By leading these negotiations, we shield our clients from these tensions, while co-ordinating all the professional advisers involved.

Meanwhile, our specialist tax advisors ensure that the business is structured to minimise tax liabilities, and in particular to take advantage of favourable capital gains tax reliefs.

For more information contact a member or our team below:

Regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales for a range of investment business activities
MC Vanguard Corporate Finance is the trading name of MC Vanguard Corporate Finance Limited
Registered in England & Wales No. 7862991 Registered Office: 5 Temple Square, Temple Street, Liverpool, L2 5RH

Selling your Business

You only sell your business once. There is, therefore, only one chance to get it right...

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