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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are a faster route to expansion than organic growth, while enabling ambitious businesses to exploit strategic market opportunities.  A well planned and properly executed acquisition can enable a step change in the scale and value of a client’s business.

Yet buying another business and integrating it into your own company can be a high risk venture, especially if the move is opportunistic rather than a logical next step along your planned growth trajectory.

Our aim is always to minimise that risk and ensure a “closeness of fit” with your business objectives.

Extensive experience of diverse market sectors means we draw on deep expertise to advise on developing an effective acquisition strategy.

Comprehensive research facilities and contacts enable us to identify potential acquisition opportunities, that can be measured against the acquisition criteria.  Additionally, we advise on the structure of the deal, as well as the appropriate funding structure.

An acquisition requires funding to buy the business, as well as for working capital and we use our solid relationships with banks and equity providers to process negotiations smoothly and transparently.  This means we manage the transaction through the fund raising process and bring matters to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

Most clients have limited experience of acquiring another business, so we lead and manage the entire process through to completion of the deal.

Just as importantly, we provide post-transaction advice, on integrating the acquisition into the enlarged operation, as value can be lost if synergies are not properly managed.

To summarise, we can help your business with a merger or acquisition strategy by:

  • Developing the acquisition strategy
  • Identifying and investigating potential targets
  • Approaching targets to establish their interest in a sale
  • Valuing targets
  • Drafting and negotiating offer letters and Heads of Agreement
  • Raising the external finance required to complete the acquisition
  • Project management of the acquisition process and the involvement of legal and other advisers

For more information contact a member or our team below:

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are a faster route to expansion than organic growth...

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