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Financial Management

Most of our clients do not have a background in accounting. However, they recognize the vital importance of strong financial management and many of them look to us for support in meeting this requirement in a cost effective way.

The needs of each client in this area are unique and we develop a specific approach to each case.

Some examples of the solutions we can develop are:

  • Introducing specialists who can provide support with transaction processing and reporting.
  • Assisting with the recruitment and/or development of a suitably qualified Financial Controller or Bookkeeper alongside our providing commercial FD-type input to the business owners.
  • Advising on the financial information needed by the owners as well as their funders and putting systems in place to deliver this information in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Recruitment support once the business has grown to the point of needing a full time Finance Director.

We believe firmly in proactive financial management. The solution developed in each case will be based on the current needs of the business and its owners. As the business develops we will help the owners to review and if necessary change the approach so that it continues to provide the right type of support to the owners.

For more information contact a member or our team below:

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