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Business Valuation

The valuation of a business is not simply an accounting exercise, but a specialist process that is pivotal to the outcome of any corporate transaction.

Growing business value is a key objective for most of our clients. It may be important because they plan to sell, or to satisfy external shareholders or simply a key business objective.

Our Corporate Finance team has many years' experience of valuing businesses from a broad range of industry sectors.

We also have the knowledge and analysis tools to help clients address the gap between current and potential value.

  • Diverse factors influence the valuation of any business. Many are commercial and market-related issues that are crucial to potential buyers and must be professionally assessed in the valuation.
  • Our seasoned Corporate Finance team has many years' experience of valuing businesses from a broad range of industry sectors. We work on the logic that a business can only be valued in relation to what a prospective trade buyer would be willing to pay.
  • Whether we are preparing a valuation of a business before the sale process, or for shareholders in a dispute, our consistent method of approach is to provide a truly objective and independent valuation.

Our tried and tested process involves:

  • Identifying key features that differentiate the business from its competitors
  • Adjusting the accounts to determine maintainable profits
  • Determining the most appropriate valuation methodology. This requires advanced skills, such as using a multiple of profits and incorporating technical issues such as non-recurring exceptional revenues, or exceptional costs.

In addition, we advise on the potential payment structure as well as the key taxation issues.

Our valuation report is presented in person to shareholders, and explains in accessible language the rationale, the key features, and method of approach.

For more information contact a member or our team below:

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