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Building Business Value

When considering selling a business, the first question most people have is; “where do I start?”, closely followed by the second and most important question; “how much is my business worth?”.

For this reason, MC Vanguard has developed the Value Builder Service to help you to grow shareholder value.

The starting point is a realistic assessment of the current value of your business. This valuation will take account of the underlying profitability of the business, current value multiples based on recent transactions and markets as well as any specific valuation method that apply to the sector the company operates in.

The next step is a workshop, led by one of our experienced corporate finance team who would:

  • Explore with the business owners, the key value drivers which contribute to or constrain the current valuation
  • Identify the scope to work on the key value drivers in order to grow value
  • Establish a realistic target value to work towards as you plan for a future sale of the business
  • Consider the most likely potential buyers of the business and understand how they are likely to view your company.

After the workshop, we will provide you with a draft “Exit Action Plan” summarising the key steps in building value, as well as setting milestones to be used in measuring progress. The workshop results and action plan will be reviewed by one of our tax specialists who will then highlight any steps which should be taken prior to the sale.

Many of the steps in the action plan will be undertaken by the owners within the business. Where outside assistance is needed, our team will be happy to by direct support or by introducing other specialists as required.

We will lead progress reviews against the action plan and milestones at regular intervals (typically half-yearly) as the owners prepare for sale.

For more information contact a member or our team below:

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Building Business Value Download

When considering selling a business, the first question most people have is "where do I start?"...

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