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Sometimes the best way to maximise the value of a business is to secure a sale quickly.

AcceleratedSometimes, even good businesses run into difficulties. The departure of a key member of the management team or a major client, or a change in the market can very quickly turn profitable businesses into loss.

These are challenging situations and our experienced team is used to supporting clients through them. In some cases, the result is a turnaround plan and in others, the client seeks to realise the value of the business before it declines further.

We have developed Accelerate to support clients who decide to sell and we work with our colleagues in tax and, where appropriate, Corporate Recovery to provide the best available solution for each client. Our aim is to realise the best available value for shareholders without damaging the business.

In these situations, our team is used to working with speed but also sensitivity so as avoid as far as possible reduction in value that can be caused by the signs of distress. Our experienced team of advisors has a strong track record, both in acting discreetly and in forging relationships in difficult circumstances, while at the same time delivering the best value for shareholders.

The contacts and processes we have established over many years enable us to apply a fast-track process also minimizes the risk that the business’s problems become known in the market and therefor reduce value. Our approach enables us allow to identify serious bidders within days rather than weeks.

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